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Highest Standard Of Auto Repair

We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of quality. Our exemplary quality assurance practices provide seamless, worry-free service throughout the duration of your auto repair and beyond. We provide dealer quality repairs for all foreign and domestic vehicles on an affordable budget. For years, we have been leaders in the auto repair industry in El Paso, always ensuring that our customers trust us with all of their auto repair needs, no matter how small or how large the task, we treat each job with the best of our abilities.

Expert Service By The Best Mechanics

At Alameda Auto Electric, we are committed to providing you with quality service by highly trained personnel. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Coordinator that has been in the automotive service industry for over 30 years. Mario Estrada is well respected in the field for his diagnostic troubleshooting abilities. Should one of our locations struggle with a challenging vehicle repair, Mario will work with the technician to find the answers and get our customer back on the road as quickly as possible.

We Tow it

We will tow your vehicle and have it brought to our shop so that we may quickly begin to repair it.

We Repair it

We diagnose any and all problems and repair it to standards that exceed dealer standard repairs.

We deliver it

When your vehicle is ready, we’ll let you know! If you’re unable to pick it up, we’ll even deliver it to you!

24×7 Emergency Service

Call us at any time from anywhere!
We’ll come to you!

Free Vehicle Inspections

We’ll inspect your vehicle
free of charge!

Services, What We Do!

At Alameda Auto Electric, there isn’t anything we can’t do.
We bring the best service in automotive repair to
El Paso for the best price.


Battery Service

Over time, your battery starts to deplete. At Alameda Auto Electric, we specialize in alternator and starter rebuilds to ensure your car is charging your battery the way it should be.


Brake & Disk Services

Are your brakes squeaking or not working as they should? We can fix them for you in no time at all!

pulley belts
pulley belts


Is your check engine light on? Is your engine making funny noises? We can computer diagnose your vehicle and repair any trouble your engine may be giving you for a reasonable price.


Car Exhaust

Is your car louder than you’d like? Is your car wasting a lot of gas, even after recent maintenance? It could be trouble that is being caused by your exhaust. We offer premium exhaust service for all your exhaust needs!


Engine Oil

Routine oil changes are necessary and can be troublesome for some. But they don’t need to be. At Alameda Auto Electric, we provide hassle-free oil changes for  all of our clients and usually take less than 15 minutes!

Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber


If your ride is bumpier than you’d like, we can inspect your suspension and tell you what we can do to make your ride as smooth as the day it came off the lot.



At Alameda Auto Electric, we offer all types of warranties on transmissions ranging from replacing your transmission oil to replacing your transmission altogether.